Thank you for coming to Toyama

A heartfelt hospitality

Third generation owner WATARU KAWAKAMI

Before the foundation of Taisho in the 12th year, the previous generation was a river fish store that sells fish caught in the Jinzu River.
I used trout in the spring in the spring, sweetfish in the summer and river fish caught every season,
It reaches to present as a specialized shop specializing in trout.

It is my 3rd generation, but the taste of the long life of our trout over this 90 years is
"What we built together with customers"
I feel that every day.
The climate of Toyama and the long life of trout brought up by people
Delivering memories such as air, nature, and people of Toyama with the longevity of the trout,
I think that this is "hospitality" of Kawakami Masu Sushi store.



The streets of Toyama Walking gentleness and excitement you did not know

I enjoy walking around the store on holidays.
Nature of Matsukawa changing every day, not every season
The appearance of Toyama Castle
Of course you can recommend themselves to the people of Toyama citizens as well as those outside the prefecture
I am surprised that there are lots of spots with city.
People's flow, its history
When thinking about them, I feel a solid weight of the tradition of sashuri sushi
Just make a sushi and deliver it, not only deliver,
We will provide you with a smile as well as a memorable time for Toyama.




Owner's profile

Birthday: 27th December 1972
Constellation: Capricorn
Blood type: type A
Favorite Food: Trousers, Grasping Sushi, Sashimi
Hobbies: Traveling · Sento tour · Walking around sports · Watching sports · Watching movies
Career: Worked for 3 years at Kanesho Fisheries Co., Ltd. in Toyama City public regional wholesale market
Awards received: Toyama Tourism Future Creative Juku 3rd Prize Winner of the Prize
Activity: Toyama Town University Instructor
Comment: We will deliver the best smile together with the taste of the mulberry tradition transcending tradition!