Walking around the city

River side of Matsukawa

Seasonal beauty

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms in full bloom of Matsukawa String are masterpieces
It is also selected as 100 sights of Sakura's sights
With flowered snow, if you walk in the promenade
It is a completely different world

Matsukawa was once the Jinzu River
It is the hometown of Masusushi, it is a river that is deeply involved in the history of Toyama city
The appearance of the season is reflected on the river
It quietly attracts the expression of each day

A peaceful promenade

Sounds of smooth and comfortable river
Some of the cobblestone diamonds carved waka poems
Taste slowly the air of Toyama


Matsukawa has a deep involvement in the history of Toyama, the history of the life of trout. It is one of my walk course.
Please take a stroll in the place of relaxation next to our shop, when you visit us.

Matsukawa Sculpture Park

Art museum along the river

Sculpture path

Toyama prefecture inside and outside sculptor's
28 pieces of works are on display at Matsu River
The sculpture standing in the green
To us walking there
"You are one of the works"
It may be saying that

Artisan's technique and flow of river, green of trees
Everything becomes one and amuses us

Song path

Manyo leave monogatari, song stone plate etc. are set up
Manyo no Uta song which is also in an inconspicuous place
If you look down on your feet, the heart of old may be there


When you look around the sculpture one by one, it will be a good distance
There is also a resting place with Taisho style lamp
Please take a moment to rest

Toyama Castle Ruins Park

 Symbol of Toyama

Toyama citizens resting place

Placed center of Toyama city
It is a park wrapped in green
Toyama Castle is open as a local museum
You can also enjoy a view from the castle tower

Currently Toyama Castle was newly built after the war
It does not convey the state of the past
However, in this park there are a lot of remnants and materials that surpass Echonghu in the past
I can think of the world of history

Feel the four seasons

On sunny days the contrast between white castle and moat water is exquisite
Cherry blossoms in spring, Green in summer
You can enjoy the scenery like autumn leaves in fall and ink painting in winter


Various events are held every season
Places where people gather beyond time
I would like to cherish this park like that

Special seats in Toyama

Toyama surrounded by mountains of 3000 meters

Observatory of Toyama City Hall

To the foot of the Tateyama mountain range in the east
To the west far away to the cape of Noto
A surprisingly miniature world
I am spreading under my eyes

This observatory is not as high as 70 m above the ground
It is a spot where you can see the Toyama Plain which is said to be a natural amphitheater

Special seat to look up to Mt. Tateyama

On a sunny day on an overwhelming scale
Tateyama mountain range can be enjoyed
Holding white snow, but still it's high Tateyama
It is a place in the middle of Toyama city which can be seen below


View of Tateyama mountain range from here is exceptional
Please look at Toyama from a place close to the sky a little