Create a tradition

The tradition of creating with customers, the taste pleasing customers will become a new tradition
Suspension of juicy trout of Kawakami trout sushi branch
Please relish



Since our establishment, our company has been committed to the long life of rich trout
I will deliver the sushi of such a trout that comes out oozing out of a trout with a biteful mouth
Sour taste is not so strong but fruity aroma,
Pretended texture after trouble of trout
Taste full of bites
Kawakami Muro Sushi Store Sushi tradition of trout
Please take this opportunity to appreciate


Selected slices of sliced slices of thick trout
Immersed plentifully in sweet vinegar of unchanged seasoning since its foundation, finished in a juicy.
It has a soft texture and refreshing taste, which is characteristic of mulberry sashimi.


I made it at the request of a wedding ceremony guest
It is "Sushi of a wedding trout"
Born in Toyama, I will ceremony in Toyama
Then if you would like to have pleased everyone with Toyama's special product, not a wedding cake,
We were impressed to hope for
If you are interested please contact us below